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Dreams aren't build
by hand, but by hearts

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Carbon fiber monocoque frame

The unique monocoque frame made of carbon fiber is both: a supporting skeleton and a design-defining outer skin. There is no need for additional cladding. Compared to conventional steel or aluminum frames, it is lighter and more torsion-resistant.


The frame is a closed, three-dimensional fiber composite component

  • 7 kg
    lightweight frame
  • 125 kg
    maximum payload
  • 1 Person

All in one

The frame houses all the other components

Hub engine

Power to the road

Our specially developed wheel hub motor is a homage to the futuristic design of Daniel Simon and Co. Fully integrated into the rear wheel carbon rim, the external rotor is perfectly designed for the performance requirements of NOVUS and impresses with its smoothness, torque and recuperation capability

  • 18 kW
    max peak power
  • 120 km/h
    max speed
  • 200 Nm
    max torque

Frontend Design

We always strive for the most integrated and the most simple solution

Mono fork

90 mm suspension

Our mono fork is a new development from NOVUS. It is a central design element and gives our bike this unique, light and slim look.

Carbon rims

Style and Lightweight

Our specially developed carbon fiber rims in rotor design are an important part of our consistent lightweight construction approach and simply look sexy.

Faster then other Motorcycles with the same weight

Lighter then other Motorcycles with the same power


More than a Motorcycle. Part of your life

Drive mode and App


Forgotten your key? No problem, you can optionally unlock your NOVUS via NFC with your cell phone and get a lot of additional information via the app



Novus Fahrmodus Base

power limited to 40%



Novus Fahrmodus Super

power limited to 70%



Novus Fahrmodus God

no power limit

Novus App

Use the NOVUS App to improve your ride expirience


Everything at a glance


Huge icons for your safety


Integrated navigation and destination entry


Keep the overview


Everything under control

Add ons

Anything you want


powered by SUPERNOVA

The small but powerful headlight is nicely integrated in our handlebars.

With the headlight from Supernova you are safe on the road even in difficult conditions.


Unlike any other Motorcycle we hide every visible suspension parts to create an absolute unique clean look.

  • 110 mm
    suspension distance
  • 110 Kg

As you see - you see nothing!

Our main Designapproach:

If there is an Option - choose the more simple and integrated one

  • 184 cm
  • 76 cm
  • 94 cm
  • 75 kg
    incl. battery
  • 110 kg