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is Novus

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Have you ever dreamed about the future?
Now 2020 finally looks like 2020!

We change perceptions

NOVUS is not just an electric motorcycle. NOVUS is not just a brand. NOVUS is the conviction that we are able to create things, that does not yet exist. NOVUS stands for picking up where others say it doesn't work.
NOVUS thinks ahead.

Our limit is our imagination

We don´t build motorcycles
We creates desires


Lightweight inspired by Bicycles

Power taken from a motorcycle

  • 120 km/h
    18 kw version
  • 100 km
    city range
  • 75 kg
    including battery
  • 18 kw
    peak performance
  • 3 sec
    0-50 km/h

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Now 2020 finally looks like 2020

We always wondered why motorcycles and especially electric motorcycles look so ordinary.
However - not any more.

Look behind

This is not a job, this is a passion

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